Hello readers, my name is B.G. Welch and I am a Journalism student at the most exciting university in the country, Missouri Western State University.

Although this blog is assigned as part of my Journalism curriculum, I have always wanted to have a blog and hope that you enjoy my posts.

I enjoy writing, in many of its forms.  I like AP style journalistic writing, fiction writing (prose and poetry) and even Technical writing (instruction manuals and stuff).  As part of my relationship with writing, I also enjoy reading, though my reading habits are a little different than those of my writing.

I really only enjoy non-fiction writing if the subject is political or on the basis of civil rights, or if the information is fun and put into list form.  Politically, I consider myself an Independent with strongly progressive liberal views. I do my best to avoid reading too many political writings, because i find it makes me feel irritated and hopeless.  For the sake of my classwork, journalistic integrity and civility, I will do my best to keep any of my political postings unbiased.

My true love, as far as reading goes, is in horror fiction.  Some of my favorite authors are Bram Stoker, Stephen King and, of course, the king of the genre,  Edgar Allan Poe.

I am also quite a fan of anything else related to the horror genre: movies, artwork,images, haunted house attractions and everything about Halloween.  I hope to someday finish one of the several horror novels I have started and become published, but until then I will satisfy myself with writing these assigned blog posts.


Enjoy the Blog!



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